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Hafza Studio specialises in designing and producing exclusive fabric prints. Our prints are inspired by the designer's East African heritage, celebrating the beauty of Somali art and culture. All collections are delicately hand-drawn and painted at our design studio in London, and every piece tells its own visual story. 



This collection is a celebration of traditional Somali textiles, inspired by the famous hido iyo dhaqan print. At Hafza Studio we are always looking for ways to combine both art and culture in the most authentic way. When designing this collection we wanted to enhance the beauty of the hido iyo dhaqan fabric by introducing our signature floral designs.


Our Design Process

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Textiles That Shine

Since the early days of our Textile Design Studio, we’ve had a strong commitment to creativity.  When it comes to leaving a lasting impression on our customers, it’s crucial to use the right combination of prints, fabrics, and colors in order to create a stylish and visually appealing design.

Exclusive Prints

Exceeding Expectations

Stages in the design process create authentic textiles fabrics, original and unique for our special customers.

 All our fabrics are produced designed and hand-drawn by us in our lovely studio in London. We produce every stage of the design process from the sketch to the final fabric collection.

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We pride ourselves with the quality of our work. Our fabrics are designed and made in the UK.


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